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Griffith Observatory Foundation

Partners & Supporters

Through significant contributions, Griffith Observatory Foundation partners support many of the programs and resources available at Griffith Observatory. For more information on how to become a partner, please contact us by emailing or call (213) 473-0879.

Thank you to all of our partners for building a foundation for the future!

Sustaining - $1,000,000 and Above - Lifetime Giving

The Ahmanson Foundation The Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Oschin Family Foundation
State of California The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
W.M. Keck Foundation The Rose Hills Foundation
City of Los Angeles United States Air Force
County of Los Angeles Weingart Foundation
National Aeronautics and Space Administration L.K. Whittier Foundation

Annual Giving

$50,000 and Above - Annual Giving

The Ahmanson Foundation The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Ben & Joyce Eisenberg Foundation Boeing

$25,000 and Above - Annual Giving

Maurice Amado Foundation Orr Family Foundation

$10,000 and Above - Annual Giving

Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation Steinmetz Foundation
Carl W. Johnson Foundation Teshinsky Family Foundation
The Capital Group Companies MUFG Union Bank Foundation
BCM Foundation Max H. Gluck Foundation

$5,000 and Above - Annual Giving

Eclipse Traveler Wells Fargo Bank

Vanguard Society Partners

The Vanguard Society is dedicated to supporting special projects and played a key role in the development of our new planetarium show, Signs of Life . Thank you to all of our Vanguard Society members!

Nancy Clark Laura Landau and Les Landau
Sandra Einberg and Howard Einberg Hongpyo Lee and Julie Lee
Jerry Factor and Lorraine Factor Arthur Levine
Barry Gernstein and Irena Gernstein Scott Liggett
Anita Goswami and Tom Wilson Scott Milano and Valerie Milano
Richard Gunther and Lois Gunther Dana Noble
Kathy Henkel Janet Salter
Gregory Kling and Sheri Kling Adam Teshinsky

Griffith Observatory Director Roundtable - Lifetime Giving

Mrs. Susan Bay-Nimoy Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Gunther
Ms. Linda Duttenhaver Mr. Morton La Kretz
Jerry and Lorraine Factor Ms. La Kretz-Blume
David Gold and Caryn Espo Mrs. Lynda Oschin
Mrs. Suzanne Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Wilder

Astronomers Society Members

Nancy Clark Arthur Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Sandra Einberg Scott Liggett
Barry and Irena Gernstein Ms. Janet E. Marott
Anita Goswami and Tom Wilson Scott and Valerie Milano
Ms. Kathy A. Henkel Dana Noble
Gregory and Sheri Kling Mr Michael Salter
Laura and Les Landau Adam Teshinsky
Dr. and Mrs. Hongpyo Lee Leslie and Ania Zador

Quasar Members

Travis and Michele Beacham Patricia Price
Kristin Chambers and John Borneman

Constellation Members

David and Amber Bendrihem Carol Muchin
Jody Gerstner and Nancy Frost Bill Nye
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gold Steven Partida
Elaine and Alan Greengard Aaron Rancho Mirage Library & Observatory
Peter Jensen and Mary Ann McGovern Robert Rosenberg
Sean Johnston and Brad Parberry Keith and Cecilia Terasaki
Louis Kwong MD and Charles Kwong MD Doug and Sue Upshaw
Allan Marks and Mara Cohen

Galaxy Members

Patricia Baird and J.D. Herron Gerald Perezchica
Alberta Edmond David Press
Constance Elliot Sara and Peter Rutenberg
Michael Ermer Edward Sachtleben
Libby Ghekiere Barbara Sanborn
Jessica Golden and Greg Nicholson Kevin Simpson
Barbara and Anthony Keyser Laney G. Techentin
Joe and Sally Loevner Gene and Janet Torncello
Ronald and Gianna Lozano Rupert Watson
James and Patrice Mitchell Alan Wilson
Steve and Jenny Mizusawa

Supernova Members

Cynthia Abrams Carolyn LaHorgue
Tom and Arlene Alm Teri Lane
Howard Anderson Joseph Lazio
David and Marcia Battin John Leas
Todd Bayer and Alexander Murray Austin Levenson
Michael and Bridget Beckage Cynthia Levenson
Ann Marie Bedtke and Marc Moraes Barry Levine and Kimberly Hope
John Boyd Robert and Wendi Lohmar
Greg Breen and Cindy Quane Camille Lombardo and Ed Woodhull
Diana and Marc Brown Samuel and Judith Losh
Nunmin and Gilbert Bush Susan and John Magee
Jim Carr George Magula and Pilar Valero-Costa
James Chapman Gregory Mahoney
Jorge and Jerri Chaves Richard Martin and Allen Luke
Cecilia Clarke and Jo Grode Wayne and Ana McDonald
Elizabeth Clarke Ron and Jan Merlo
Shellie Collier and Teri Pusheck Chris Miller
Tina and Mike Cook Eric Miller
Hillary and Weston Cookler Alex Miric and Nina Lightdale-Miric
Elizabeth and Kelly Critch Alan and Joann Miyamoto
Lawrence and Zan Diener Mary Mogge and Allen Holliday
Steve and Marian Dodge Lanie Monroy Salguero
Eric Doran and Veena Padmanabhan Benjamin and Anthony Montes
Mark Douglas Michele and Ari Nadelman
Michael and Meredith Druyen Martin and Karen Neumann
David Dull and Susan Shieldkret Bob Niemack and Ann Hassett
Robert Duncan and Leonie Jordan Peter and Maggi Noce
Cheryl Dunnett Richard Oppenheim and Bernard Cummings
Douglas Edwards Vince and Melody Padilla
Mark Fernandez Chris Pahl
Philip and Aleksandra Fernandez Cory and Audrey Parker
Michael Fine Anand Patel and Sheena Malik
Debra and Tim Fletcher Gordon Pearlman
Kevin Flynn and Ava Bise Mark Pine
Laura Fox and John Hofbauer Alaina and Aditya Rajagopal
Ed and Pat Freudenburg Gary and Angela Rediger
John Gallardo Tom Richart
Donald and Mona Gerecht Keith and Michelle Richman
Ronald Gerecht Mike Rosenthal
Leslie Gilliland Donald and Jane Royer
Joseph Glaser and Linda Dozier Marla Sandall
Glen Gray Don and Suzanne Schuster
Michael Gumino and Theresa Geneczko Ruth Ellen Seid
Greg and Marlene Gurewitz Jodye Selco and Chris Brazier
Helen and Glenn Hakanson Evelyn Shaffer and Hillary Maxwell
Henry and Debbie Hall Eric Stockel and Ruth Waddell
Byron Hayes Jr. Mark and Leah Sweeney
Cynthia Heinlein and Michael Mushkin Dennis Trembly and Evangelina Estrada
Ryan Hightower Sherrill Vansickle
Mark Hummer Keith Veraldi
Zachary and Andrea Impastato Roland Wahhabiy
Paul and Yvette Joffe Jacqueline Wallace
Jeremy Johnson Reynold Wang and Yoyu Chiang
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Jones Donald Weitzman
Leslie Kahan Fred Wendland
Patricia Kao and Richard Benoit Jim Witoszynski
Robert Kisor and Sallie Zemlin-Kisor Heather Wood and Michael Kirby
Kris and Abby Koerkenmeier Brian Yanagitani
Annette Labarca and Lisa Jones Maria and John Young
Vernon and Melissa Lackman

Star Members

Claudia Albert Les Lazar and Roberta Dwoskin
Ban Alwardi and Husam Abusneineh Curtis Leseman
Hope Arnold and Ilana Pollack Jack Levine and Jeanette Melley
Sarah Badran and Ibrahim El-Magharbel Douglas and Laurie Levitt
David and Katheryn Barton Daniel Lewis
Heather Bennett William and Julia Lewis
Uri and Paula Bernstein Andrew Lund and Ann Mize
Stuart and Marietta Bernthol Alex Lyras and Christina Xenos
Gary and Nancy Beverage Katrina Macasaet and Sean Gallemore
Regina and Dan Blackley Joan Maggs
Mary Blue Richard Marafioti
Christopher Bobo Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Marshall
Don and Judy Bogart Terry and Judith Matz
Frank Bollinger Kenneth Maya
Carson Bond and Ellen Leggett Marc Mayerson
Peter and Shannon Booth Kate McCallum and Ed Lantz
Paula Brand Sherman McClellan
Stanley Breitbard Daniel McCutchon
William Bridges and Linda McManus Neal McDougal
Michael and Cynthia Budzyn Patrick McGuire
Matt Burlando Peter Mekis
Karen Butler and Joseph Nussbaum Cheryl Mercer
Donald Campbell Gigi Miller
Joyce Capelle Melvin Miller
Judith Casey Tony Miller
Sophia Charan and Jacob Wasserman Charley and Shirley Mims
Skip Chasey Robert and Norma Minor
Eli Chernow Michael Mischna
Mr. Randy Chow Lynn Morris
Robert Clements John Mulchaey
Carol Comparsi Teresa and Keith Myatt
Jefferson Coombs and Vincent Aragon Eric Naughton and Leyla ErSelcuk
Nagin and Earl Cox Park Neely
Cleve and Gloria Crudgington Kathleen Noone
Nir Dagan Arnold Notkoff
Susan Dashe Robinson O’Brien-Bours
Roberta Davis Joel Okada
Giovanni De Arruda Francine Oschin
Nanette De Fuentes and Manuel Martinez Fred Padilla
Ron Dean and Sahjoey Eddy Hilliard Paige, Jr
Kristin Diehl Vincent and Catherine Pappas
Dave Doody Ann Peifer
Miss Claire Dugger Daniel Peplinski and Nancy Carr
Margo Duke Jack and Gloria Perrodin
Mary Anne DuRay Michael and Cynthia Perry
Sharen Dyer Betty Petitt
Keith Ehrlich Linda and Charles Pillsbury
Brian and Pamela Ellis John Pringle
Eugene Eppen and Joan Cole Eppen Lawrence Quimby
Polly Estabrook and Mark DeAntonio Bill Ratner
Nancy Farrand Robert Reul
Leticia and John Fenton Dennis and Betty Roark
Ralph and Cynthia Finerman Todd Roberts
Anna Finley Standolyn and Jamie Robertson
Dave and Judy Flattery Joel and Alice Rochlin
Francois and Meghan Florence Fred and Ronda Rose
Myron Forst and Danny Nudel Leonard and Adrienne Rosen
Rob Freeman Wayne Russ
John Fries Dr. Jeffrey Sage
Marjorie Fuchs Ms. A. D. Schuman
Erik and Yuko Galloway Leonard Schusterman and Jeralyn Keller
Laura and Robert Garcia David and Diane Schwartz
Courtney and Harry Garvin Steven Schwartzman
Donald and Tom-Peder Gautier Ruth Schweitzer
Albert Germaine Don Seligman and Jon Zimmermann
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ginsburg Mary Sexton
Mike and Jayne Goldberg Julie Shaperman
Lee and Hilary Gregg Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Shimano
Mr. K. M. Gregory Charles Simmons and Suzanne Simmons-Huddleson
Guy and Barbara Gunderson Reevah Simon and Joseph Russell
Judith Gunther William and Dorothy Skiles
Barbara and Douglas Hadsell Bradley and Jonny Skinner
Kevin and Darlene Haff James Srott
Marilyn Hanna Don Standefer and Margie Matsui
Roy and Kay Havenhill Michael and Debbie Sue Stein
Matt Herndon Frank and Robin Stirling
Barbara Hoff Randy Stotland
Paul Hoover Ms. Georgianna M. Streeter
Piper Horton Ed Summers
Pressley Horton Carol Takafuji
Janet Hoult Susan Talbott
Jim and Linda Howat Robert and Marjorie Templeton
John Hunter Patrisha Thomson
Gary Izumi Trevor Tonne
Tom Jacobson and Ramone Munoz John Travers
Linda James Phyllis Truby and Alden Keeler Truby
Lisa Johnson Ronald Trust
Robert and Stacie Johnson Joan Valentine and Andrew Clark
Jeffrey Katz Donna Vandenberg
Beverly Kerbow Dennis Vierheller
Phillip Klein Ron Walecki
Terry Koken Tom, Kay, Kenneth and Coralee Watson
Samuel Kortchmar Mark Wirth
Jimmy Kroger Warren Wolfswinkel and Mary Braswell
Todd and Caroline Kunioka Herlin and Rebecca Woolery
Harvey Laidman Elbert Worland
Mary and Mark Lambert Elizabeth Wright
Scott and Karen Langan Martha and Yeu-Wei Yee
David Larson and Eleanor Burns Larson Russell and Elaine Zarett
Anne and Tom Laskey Jeffrey Ziegler
Victoria Lautman Tom Zimmerman
William Layton

Planet Members

Joyce Abbott and Robert TeSelle Susan Laemmle and John Antignas
Alexander Aboshiha Steven Laff
Dr. Arya Afshari Judy and John Lakkis
David Aftergood Frank and Mary Jane Latino
Mary Aggarwal Salvo Lavis and Celine Wyman
Larry, Alice, Eddie Agin Charles Law
Michael and Josie Aidulis Chad Leeper
Soraya Alamdari Mr and Mrs W. Michael Lenihan
Oscar and Orozco Alanis Deborah and Marc Lepp
Dr Aziz Ali Norma Leszt
Denuvia Alvarez Judy Levin
Lee Amatangelo Anson and Linda Levine
Terry and Roxanna Amdur Kelly Ann Lewis-Bortman
Michael and Lauren Anderson Robb Lichtman
Patricia Anderson Edward and Judy Lieb
Mel and Judy Aranoff Yvonne Lockhart
Wendy Arroyo Mrs. Margret Lohfeld
James Artero Daniel Lorraine
Ali Aziz Benjamin Lupu
Celeste Baker Ellen Mackey
Stephen Baker David and Deborah MacMurray
Madelyn Baladi Aaron Maddox
John and Nancy Barnett Linda Manship
Pamela Beach Ronald and Merle Mardigian
Melissa Beck Jose Mariscal
Robert and Jennifer Bejarano Steve Marquez
Alberta Bellisario Brian and Monica Marshall
Alex Berg James Matson
Peter Berg and Nam Pho-Berg Donald and Lisa Mayekawa
David and Nina Berson Mr Andrew Mayne
Evelyn Best Lillian and John McCain
Kathleen Billman Brad and Kendra McCall
Paul Bischoff Kendra McCall
John Blackman Kathleen McCormick
Mitchell and Judy Blake Bradley McGlasson
Ty Blake-Holden Ioanna-India McTaggart
Robert and Alison Blanchard Nevab and William Meek
Candace Blankenship Lois Meinel
Alan Blaustein Donald Meland and W. Layton
Bruce Bleakley Burton Melius
Patricia Bledsoe and Max Heidenreich Steven and Royce Menkus
Kathy Blodgett Irwin Miller
James Boehnlein Joann and George Misa
Bruce Bolton Dwight Mitchell
Joe and Jill Bonino Susan and Richard Molyneux
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Borigini Diego Montoya
Erin Bournival Thomas and Sheila Moore
Karen Bowland Eva Moreno and Marlo Cerda
Robert Boyd Shawn Morgan and Michele Joo
Nancy Boyer Katherine and Anthony Morini
Karen and Russo Boyle-Anastasio Andrew Morrish
Tom Brady Tom Moser
Lamar Brandysky Doug Mueller and Diane Kodak-Mueller
Jeff Brenny Randy Munyon
Paul and Lori Bresk Agnes and Bob Murphy
Christopher and Amanda Brooks William Murphy
Heather Brough Rodney Nagata
Brad and Dri Brown Michael Napoli
Frank Brown Miriam Newton
Richard and Sandra Brown Brian Nunes
Russell Brown John Nyhan
Nathan Brunskill Gregory O’Connor
Margaret Buchheit Eric Oh
Mary Bunker Andrew Oksner and Barbara Wachsman
Jessica Buonocore Ellen Oppenheim
Denise Burgueno Gregory and Victoria Ouligian
Scott and Jennifer Burnham Calen Oullette
Rebecca Burns Leslie Owen
Adri and Bob Butler John and Troy Palmer
Ann Campbell Kirstie Palmer and David Hirschmann
Marc Caratao Nikeisha Parker
Julie Carlin-Sasaki and Daniel Sasaki Cynthia Paskos
Charles and Betty Carmona Mike Patient
Joe Carona and Kim Estlund Stuart Paul and Fran Chodosh
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Carter Jan and Debbie Paulshus
Ericka and Michael Carter Roberto Peon
Timothy Casady Michael Peskura
Steven Casman Ted and Gina Peters
Jennie and James Cecchini Stephen Pfahler
Michelle Chase Melissa Phan
Sanjay Choudhuri Doug Phelps
Jim Clark and Michael Jordan Carolyn and Stephen Phillips
John and Linda Clark Lucinda Phillips
Donald and Cynthia Clarke Chuck Piccirillo
Cathy Cole Larry Picus and Susan Pasternak
Michael and Kari Cole David Pinsky
Peter and Theresa Collins Rick Pinson
Carolyn Collins Petersen and Mark Petersen Nancy Pogue and James Vitek
Becky and David Colwell Robert Poirier
Steve Cooperman David Poley
Gina Correia Debra Post
Rich and Stacey Cramton Steve Post and Beth Burton
Michele Curran Mark Pottenger
Gordon and Iris Cutler John and Irma Prince
Tad Daley Madeline Ramer
Timothy Davenport Adrian Ramillano
Glyn and Carol Davies Mark Ratkovic
Morris De La Roca Fernando Reyes
Stanley DeCovnick Ms. Michelle Rhee
Lynn DeGroot Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Rhodes Jr.
Fred Dew Cathy Richards and Jack Bradley
Sandra Disner and Robert English Catherine Richardson
Marcia Dixon James Robertson
Lois and Dave Djivre Noel and Robin Rodriguez
Michael Domecq Tom Rogers and Jennifer Casey
Patricia Doyle David Romano
Frank and Marianne Dryden Robin Rose
Bob Duncan Jr Heidi Ross
Corey Dunn Benjamin Roudenis
Evelyn Dunn Paul and Jerrianne Rousseau
Albert Edwards Toben Rower
Graham and Maggy Edwards Diane Ruggiero
David English Steven Russak
Charles and Louise Escoffery Uzi Salamon
Robert Evans Diane Salek
Andreas Faisst Katharina Salinger
Don and Nancy Farra Mark Salsman
Irmgard Fekete Ralph Saltsman
Damian Fergus and Kathleen Becker Michael Sandler
Brian Ferguson and Patricia Amdur John Schiermeier
Dawn Fidrick Christine Schultz
James and Kelly Findley Sharon Schuster
Stewart and Charlayne Fliege Henry and Patricia Schwellenbach
Jim and Valerie Flores Holly Scott
Robert Forward Jr. and Claudio Sgaravizzi Ralph Scott
Erica Fox Gerry and Linda Seck
Samara Friedman Gail and Sam Seelig
David Gale and Heather Roberge Simar Sehgal
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garson Deirdre Sena
Mr. and Mrs. Geiger Ralph and Yvonne Seta
Jennifer Geluso Manns Scott and June Sewell
Jacqueline Gerringer Pam Shane
Candi and Gregory Gershuni Richard Shapiro and Jacquelyn Green
Preetindar Ghuman Alexis and Jim Sheehy
Donna Gilbert and Peter Banner Ginger and Judy Shellman
Jane Glassman and Barton Chiate Carol and Chris Shelton
Vishal Goel and Ashima Gupta Thomas and Judith Shigemitsu
Randy Goldman Doris Shimabukuro
Noam and Raqueli Gonen Lewis Shireman and Peggy Chipkin
Ron Gottlieb Herbert and Phyllis Shukiar
Deborah Gourman Kamaal Sidhu
Feris Greenberger and David Dolinko Claudia Silva
Robert and Linda Gregg Tim and Nicholas Silver
Dan Gregor Steve Sittig
Douglas and Gail Greminger Stuart Sittig
Glen Griffith Stephen Skootsky
Trevor Griffith Elizabeth Smiley
Bill and Judy Grueneberg Karen Smith and Aron Bukspan
James Grynbaum Norma Smith
Sergio Guerra Madhukar Sood
David and Deborah Hadlen Christina Soriano
Vicky Hage Gary Spencer
Frederick Hagner William Spradlin
David Hale Don Spring
Richard Halpern Robert Stachnik
Kevin Ham Mr Michael J. Stangl
Barbara Hand Dennis Stark
Bill Hansen McKenna Stayner
Bridget Hearon Ann Marie Steffen and Theresa LaMetterey
Jeff Heglin and Randy Sheriff Anthony Stein and Debra Rabb
Ann Heil Thomas Stephenson
Catherine and Al Heron William and Virginia Stone
David Heumann Mr. Joe S. Stones
Mark Hineline Janis and Richard Storbo
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hoffman Peggy Storey and Scott Zenz
Joseph and Margaret Hoffman Kathleen Stribley
Teresa and Glen Hoffman William Stroud
Helice Holden Shirley Sunada
Ann and Robert Holder Heather Sundell and Jacob Reed
Marillyn Holmes Torene Svitil
Heather Hough and Robert Batista Lori and Marshall Takafuji
Robert Hubbell and Jill Bickett Jack Tamar
Leslie Hughes Carol Tanner
Natasha Ingram Elisa and Alex Taub
Kris and Kate Innanen Nick Techentin
Ann Isolde Adair Teller
Jerry Jacob Allison and Ronald Thomas
Herbert Jacobi Christopher and Maggie Thomas
Gregory Jarrett Nancy Thomas and Kevin Goff
Mary and Lee Jensen Thomas and Susan Treadway
Sarah Jesseman Daniel Trotman
Shiloh Jesseman and Tylina Burdell Robert Tungate
John Johnston David Turner
Michael and Erika Jolly Laurraine Tutihasi and Michael Weasner
Paula Jones Mr. R. W. Van Alstyne
John Joyce Sarah VanderWood
Christopher Kaesviharn Bill Varney
Mitchell Kander Clairice Veit and Monti Callero
Peter and Tuvshinjargal Kang Matthew Ventimiglia
Anita Kaplan James and Lee Vibber
Ben Kaplan Jim and Tina Vince
Eyal Karpman Sam Vizvary
Owen Kato Susan Vombrack
Laurence and Linda Kaufman Ethan Von Zamft
Philip and Sharon Kaufman David Walker
Robert Kaufman Luke and Katerine Walsh
Betty Keel Diane Warner
Anne Kennedy Barbara Watts-Robinson
Lori Khan Julia Weaver
Fred and Cristine Kight Denise and Scott Webster-Zuber
Ana Kim Clifford Weinan
Laura Kim-Nigalye Victoria Weiss
Jimmy Kirkland and Cindy Henry Robert Wellauer
Gary Kisor Hal and Andrea White
Deborah Kline Monika White and Roger Goodman
Henry Kline Dana and Eric Whitfield
Lynzee Klingman Sandra Wieser
Lawrence Koplin Brett Williams
Audrey Kopp Jerold Winnick, M.D.
Daniel Kopti Roslyn and Joseph Witt
Mike Kraus Jon Wright and Kathleen Gerds
Dr. Michael Kreisberg Elaine Wu
Steven Kresty Don Wysocky
Lon and Marilyn Krock David Yale and Catherine Maclean
Myra Kulick and Dimitrius Haney Jason Ycedo
Phil Kurjan Gee Yeung
Barbara Kwong Nicholas and Mary Young
Anne La Borde Michael Yu
Rick and Nancy Lacher Kirsten Zastrow
Robert Ladendorf Consuelo Zuniga-West and John West